Welcome to the approaching FALL 2020.  It’s been a busy time for HFM, crunch time for most!  So what can you do to prepare yourself for the FAll Market as a Buyer to help you get the home that you want? 


It’s best to have your representation in place.  Well, your Realtor is all set…that’s us HFM!  But what about other representation that you would need?


It’s making sure you have financing and legal representation! 


It’s important that you know how you will pay for your new home even before you have your HFM Realtor show you homes.  You’ll be wasting a lot of time if you do not know how much you can spend $.  So it’s important that you receive a pre-approval letter from a lender on how much $ you qualify for a loan.  When our HFM Realtor has your proof of funding, he or she can begin sending you homes in your price range.  And no, this market does not work that you have a specific amount of funding and a Seller should take the amount you offer.  This is a very courteous business, your HFM Realtor with help you how to offer on a home.  We are here to help you out.


These 3 lender referrals can help you and you are free to give them a call!


Caroline Dahl




Rob Proulux

Northpointe Bank



Mellyssa Coutinho

Harbor One




For legal representation, there’s usually a lawyer on the Buyer’s side and on the Seller’s side.  It’s important to have one because essentially dealing on a home sale is all about following the sales contract terms.  A Buyer’s lawyer will go over the contract language with you and even add additional language to help protect you, the Buyer.  And the Seller’s lawyer will do the same.  As tedious this process may be between lawyers, it’s needed, and it’s needed to ensure that both sides follow the legal terms of a sales contract, and what needs to be done by both parties is crystal clear in writing.  Our HFM Realtor will also help you with this too!  


When you have an agreed offer working with your HFM Realtor it’s time to lawyer up if you don’t have one!  Feel free to contact these 3 referrals to help you out.


Law Office of Jeffrey M. Frankel



Aviv Shamash, ESQ



Scott J Fitzgerald Attorney



So, at this stage you are just beginning your sale.  But you know what?  You did it and you’re on you way to being a home owner!