Need answers where to start for buying your first home?  It's a process that can pull you in all different directions when seeking advice. The very first thing you would want to find out is your buy power in getting a pre-approval for a mortgage from a qualified lender.  Who can help you with that?  An HFM Realtor can help you make suggestions on who to contact. Not All lenders are equal, it would be best to find one who is competent in doing their research to make sure you qualify for financing.

Hire an HFM Realtor Today!

An HFM Realtor can certainly point you in the right direction to assist in selecting a lender. Not all lending products are the same, and by working with an HFM Realtor can help you find properties meeting your criteria, price range, and homes fitting the type of loan approval you have. Our agents will give you MLS searches and present homes to you in a way when you go home shopping you'll get an idea of the homes on the market, styles, prices, and home information. 

When you do get your mortgage pre-approval, have fun letting an HFM Realtor book home showings for you! When you find your dream home we'll make an offer on your behalf as your buyer's agent.  Happy House Hunting!