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Oct. 29, 2022

Paying For Senior Care


HFM Realty advocates resources for Seniors...


Like other health insurance programs, navigating Medicare can be challenging, and the numerous available options can be overwhelming for Seniors and their loved ones. 


To help Seniors understand Medicare plans in Massachusetts better, Paying For Senior Care created a resource that discusses the different parts, benefits, and eligibility as well as how to get help in Massachusetts. You can view the guide here:


HFM Realty doors are open to all Seniors needing realty services for selling/purchasing a home.


Contact us today for more information.


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April 19, 2022

Hire an HFM Agent to Buy or Sell Your House

It's important to have a well qualified real estate agent when buying or selling your home. Why? Because a real estate agent is experienced in knowing the real estate business and what steps to takes to get a home bought and sold successfully. Often Buyers and Sellers will have their qualms of how a real estate transaction should happen. Like this is the amount of $ I am qualified for and a Seller should accept whatever amount I offer on their home. Or I need to see the house before anyone else so I can be the first to put in the offer and get the home. Or I put this much $ into my house and I should get this amount of $ for my house when I sell it.

In real estate reality there are many different facets, we must ensure Buyers and Sellers are well informed before they enter into a sales transaction.  Buyers have to be well consulted right from the very beginning in purchasing their first home. If you over pay for a house you won't get your money back on a resale. If you offer too much $ for a house, it probably won't appraise, you may offer more on your deposits, and you may not recoup the money you spent on a home when you sell it. And there's much more...

A well advised real estate agent, like HFM Agents, will advise the best option for you in how to offer or sell a home, and the risks to you if you select a path that's not advisable. It's best to hire a HFM Agent to discuss your real estate growth and plan your path. Contact us Today!

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